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“I’m not really like that all the time you know.” “I can safely say,” I responded pretending to look at my laptop, but really glancing sideways at her legs, “that in the time I’ve been here, you’ve been very work oriented, all the time and every day. ” “I would, but in the next two years, I dare say you’ll discover some other aspects of me that to date have been hidden from you.” “Two years,” I asked as I began to log in to my computer. ” “It means,” she said resting her hand on my back, “that the board has authorized me to offer you a two year contract at your current rate plus ten percent. Here, take a look and you can sign it at your leisure.” I started reading the contract over.

From the corner of my eye I could see Jill looking at me the entire time. I decided to up the ante a little, so I said, “Everything I need in the contract is in the contract, but that certainly is not everything I need.” “Is that so,” she said with a sardonic little grin that told me she knew exactly what I was doing.

Her beautiful face gave nothing away as Jill approached me. “You got it, boss,” I replied in kind, now free to admire her swaying ass as she continued to her office.

However tempted I was to eye her from nylon covered toe to well-coiffed hair, my eyes begrudgingly stayed above her neck. Bring your computer,” she demanded in a whisper as she passed.Her long legs, God her legs, satin smooth in her ever present stockings, begged me to admire them.Her trim hips swayed gracefully and demanded as much attention.Jill then signed on behalf of the company and put the sheaf of papers into a folder.As she did, she crossed her legs and displayed all of her stocking top to me along with a little delectable skin.“Hank, we’ve been working hard together for a while now.

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