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Hotels specify “weekend” and “midweek” rates for a reason: It’s much harder for most people to find time to get away during the middle of a regular workweek.

When vacation days are limited, it certainly makes more sense to stretch them out by taking Fridays or Mondays off and getting a head start (or delayed return) on a three-day weekend.

C., and elsewhere, affordable outlying neighborhoods often enjoy robust connections to centrally located tourist areas.

Of course, not every destination has great public transit.

However, given the hefty premiums that some hotels charge for weekend stays, this can end up costing you.

If possible, look into visiting these locales for two or three nights in the middle of the week.

And heaven forbid you forget to top off your tank before returning the car – most rental car companies charge between and per gallon for the “convenience” of returning your car without a full tank.While it might not make sense for a romantic, frugal getaway for two, you may be able to dramatically reduce your lodging costs by staying in a vacation rental property or hostel.For North American destinations, Airbnb offers a wide selection of homes, apartments, and even rooms for rent – just be sure to do your due diligence on whoever you’ll be renting from.No matter where you’re headed, it is important to keep several general cost-cutting tips in mind.Even if the advertised per day price seems reasonable, the cost of renting a car can quickly become prohibitive.

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