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Morag Bellingham (Cornelia Frances) convinces Annie to tell the truth and Aden is exonerated.

Jai Fernandez (Jordan Rodrigues) arrives in the Bay and befriends Annie.

They added that she is "a strange mix of knowing farm waif and innocent child, partly muddled by old-fashioned religious morality." Annie can be a "handful" at times but school tamed her.

She gradually transforms into a young woman and takes an interest in males. Lewis told a reporter from Inside Soap that Annie and Geoff have a "natural brother-and-sister chemistry" because they both have siblings off-screen and were able to relate to it.

Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) notices Annie has a crush on Lucas and mentions to her that Lucas lost his virginity to her; which horrifies Annie.

Matters are made worse when Belle gives her a teen magazine with a sealed sex and relationships section, which Bruce mistakes for pornography.

She further explained that while Annie stayed in contact with Romeo and she has grown up, it would not all be smooth sailing – though there would be fun times ahead for them.

Roman Harris (Conrad Coleby) manages to save Charlie and they are all taken to safety.

Off-screen storm drain scenes created many logistical challenges for the production team to overcome.

Annie was introduced to Home and Away along with her older brother, Geoff (Lincoln Lewis).

Both teenagers were raised by their strict religious grandfather Bruce (Chris Haywood).

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