New york state laws of dating

Law Effective Date: January 25, 2018This bill would require a license to sell electronic cigarettes, similar to the license that is currently required to sell cigarettes.

It would also cap the number of electronic cigarette retailers at half the current number, by community district, with the reduction in number coming through attrition.

Individual cause of action would be adjudicated in state court.

Where there is evidence of a pattern or practice of violations, the Corporation Counsel may bring civil action to recover, on behalf of the City, civil penalty of not more than ,000.

Existing sellers would be able to continue to renew their license so long as they meet all applicable licensure requirements.

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Law Effective Date: March 27, 2018This bill repeals the requirement in the Administrative Code for public dance halls, cabarets, and catering establishments to obtain a license, but retains various security measures in the law.

New laws and rules that DCA enforces are listed below.

For other City agency law and rule changes, visit Laws of the City of New York (Public Access Portal), New York City Council Legislation website, and NYC Rules.

Providers would be required to include specific language in their contracts related to the provider’s duties and limitations, as well as the customer’s rights.

Additionally, providers would have to post required signage in English, as well as in any languages in which they provide or offer to provide services.

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