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“Net Jets is a highly valued customer and otherwise it’s business as usual” between the two companies, a Signature spokesman told AIN.“Signature is abiding by the court order until the case is resolved.” On May 15, the BBA Aviation subsidiary filed a motion requesting that the court dismiss the entire case. I hope Net Jets has Signature by the short hairs on this.The Phenom 300 now has a market share which exceeds 50 percent in its aircraft category. Also notable is that Embraer is currently in the final stages of certifying its new Legacy line of executive planes with the Federal Aviation Administration and other international aircraft regulatory agencies. “If you are part of the EJM fully managed fleet, we will gladly afford you the discounts once EJM has provided the previously requested documentation,” the letter stated.In its complaint against Landmark and subsequent request for a temporary restraining order against the Houston-based company, Net Jets stated that its agreement with Landmark expressly states that Landmark shall provide its fuel and FBO services to “Net Jets’ entire fleet” and all of Net Jets’ “clientele”–regardless of the scope of management services Net Jets provides to the client.In the Landmark case filed in the Franklin County Court in Columbus, Ohio, Net Jets said that in March the FBO chain’s San Diego facility refused to provide fuel to a Support Services client at Net Jets’ discounted rate.

Embraer will fulfill the remaining balance of the order by manufacturing planes here in Brevard, and since each Phenom 300 plane retails for approximately million, that means hundreds of millions of dollars will be flowing into the county.

"The market has reacted in a very outstanding form to the Phenom 300," said Jose Eduardo Costas, a senior vice president at Embraer.

Costas said when Embraer launched the Executive Jets component of its business in 2005, the company never expected to experience so much success.

The service providers say that because members of that program are not part of Net Jets’ fully managed fleet, they are not eligible for such preferred pricing.

When Net Jets launched Support Services at the NBAA Convention last October, it described the program as providing flight departments and aircraft owners with a suite of services that offer cost savings via discounts leveraged by the buying power of Net Jets and its subsidiaries.

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