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It has emerged that the women prefer the labourers who come and go as opposed to those who stay within, they claim they might be tempted to blubber to the absentee husbands.The Nairobian reported that an electrician got more than what he had bargained for during a visit at one of the posh homes in Karen.The Bar Hostess Empowerment and Support Programme (BHESP) which fights for the rights of sex workers says two Nairobi County trucks cruise around the city streets collecting money from the sex workers.Ironically, the city’s sex trade is bustling with strip clubs, massage parlours and brothels right under the nose of the over zealous city officers.Just as with Koinange Street and the former Florida Club, the streets around Simmers have also taken on a life of their own with scores of girls carrying out their business here.The taxi drivers around these city streets are an important part of the link between the sex workers and clients in search of women.The other type of ladies would be found out in the cold of the night on what has come to be popularly known as K Street, waiting for drive-by clients.

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He claims the lady of the house walked to his working area, dressed scantily and openly requested for sex to which he agreed grudgingly.A late night drive down Nairobi’s Koinange Street reveals that the city’s unofficial red light district is struggling to remain in business.Yes, there are still a few skimpily dressed women whistling at passing cars and occasionally throwing their legs in the air as an invitation to the passing drivers, but a lot what used to be a bustling nightlife with taxis, tea vendors, prostitutes and pimps is evidently disappearing.The trend of married women dating house boys or shamba boys is not has been a trend for a while their askaris Studies show the women engage in such affairs for sexual satisfaction and happiness, for companionship, to prove a point to their husbands and generally just to feel good.

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