Nairobi sex chatrooms

It is prime time and a catchy commercial beams the TV screen, and there goes a picture of a gorgeous damsel, her seductive dare white eyes piercing right into your heart. Forget the University Divas for Rich Men last year’s popular online dating buzz, telephone dating and fling hook-ups is the new dating craze in town, a new frontier that has provided thousands of Pulsers an opportunity to hook up with their dream dates through calling and text dating services (or in the technical world the IVR-Interactive Voice Response and SMS Dating Service).

Over here, the sexual glow and the mellow voice is beckoning lonely hearts into this world of fantasy in which they can hook up with their dream dates through the phone without revealing their real phone numbers.

Read More As MAAYGO, we are compelled to express concern about a disparaging, regressive and alarmist story in the Sunday Standard newspaper (15 April 2018) headline “Gays make inroads in Kisumu”.

He goes on to explain that the daily average subscribers of the dating service are about 1,000 and the number generally goes through the roof on weekends.One is never sure of what to expect until they come face to face with their date, for the first time.So what exactly is online dating and how does it work?Particularly when the topic arouses as much emotion as this one, you are more likely to read or hear denunciations and rhetoric than any coherent…Read More On the 22nd, 23rd February and 1st March 2018, petitions 150 of 2016 consolidated with petition 234 of 2016 challenging the constitutionality of section 162 a), c) and 165 of the Penal Code of Kenya were heard before a 3-judge bench at the Milimani High Court of Kenya. Read More On the 10th of December, the world celebrates the International Human Rights Day.

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