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(Deuteronomy 6:6, 7) Could it be that your parents have some legitimate concerns about your well-being?

After all, God holds your parents responsible to teach, train, protect, and guide you.

How do you back away without hurting the other person?

” Your parents are no doubt trying to spare you that pain and frustration by insisting that you do not date until you are old enough to make a marriage commitment.

I’m not your little girl anymore.”—16-year-old Janie.* IT CAN be frustrating to be told that you’re not ready to date.

“I see the danger looming,” says one parent, “and it’s very frightening.” Why does early dating alarm so many parents?

(Proverbs 1:4) On the other hand, do you already possess the qualities and skills needed to be a husband or a wife that will truly be loved and respected?

But they either got married young or ended up in a terrible breakup because they weren’t ready to go to the next level.” A youth named Brandon also observes: “When you realize that you’re not ready to commit to someone but you feel that you already have because you’re dating, it’s very frustrating.

(Lamentations , 27) As one Christian youth put it, “you should be committed to Jehovah before you commit to anyone else.” As you get older and your advancement becomes obvious to everyone, your parents will begin to view you differently.

(1 Timothy ) And when you are truly ready to date, you will no doubt be able to do so with their blessing.

I don’t even know how to discuss this with them.” Like this young man, you may feel that your parents are being unreasonable and unsympathetic.

“I want to do as the Bible says and honor my father and mother,” says one youth, “but I don’t think they’re right.

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