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The recently reported TROFI (Thrombus Aspiration on Flow Area in Patients With ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction) trial (4) is likely not of much help either.

Using optical frequency domain imaging, the TROFI investigators found in 141 STEMI patients that minimal flow area at the lesion site was no different when aspiration thrombectomy was performed prior to stenting compared with stenting alone.

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To further illustrate its importance, we used the ischemic time and infarct size data reported in the present meta-analysis (Fig. Based on data from studies in animals and humans, it appears that a total ischemic time of Ischemic Time Versus Infarct Size The x-axis shows mean ischemic time in hours.Neither mechanical thrombectomy nor embolic protection devices were found to provide similar benefits or any benefit at all in the meta-analysis.Subsequently, the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) STEMI guidelines endorsed the use of aspiration thrombectomy with PCI in STEMI, with a Class IIa (Level of Evidence: B) recommendation (2).In some cases the Informational IOW’s are used for parameters that cannot be directly (or indirectly) controlled by operators, whose primary duty would be to make sure any exceedances are communicated to the designated SME for attention and corrective action, if any.” These are often neglected or misunderstood by operations or technical personnel within a plant.They argue that they cannot control this variable, so should not bother monitoring or loading it into the IOW managing system.

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