Mmf bi dating sites

I have a girlfriend (who is also married) who I have been with for 4 years. It started because I told my best friend I had a crush on him.She doesn't live with us because she has her own kids and a few other smaller logistical complications. He is openly bi and so is my husband so it worked out.He's super important to me and I love him more than life itself. My other dude is my boyfriend Eric, who I've been crazy about since I met him four years ago.We were best buds for a looooong time, have been dating for two months.We just sorta fell into it, it was not anything we tried to make happen. Recently made an MMF Triad, but what I feel is an actual one since we're all romantically and sexually involved with each other, I really don't see V relationships as triads, just a V Poly thing, been going on for just over 6 months.

My husband had just gotten married, and discovered that he was bisexual.There were feelings for them really early into me living with them, and when my fiance broke up with me, they asked me to join their relationship, and now we all share the master bedroom.At first, I was hesitant, not sure how I felt being Poly, even though I was really open to being with them. only lives a few miles away though so there are no distance barriers.I wasn't really sure how I would feel if one of them added another female, like I would get insanely jealous if they did. We've talked about someday all living together, but that's a long-term goal.Now, I'm all for the idea, and we may be adding someone that I've met soon. I met my other significant other as a friend, we developed feelings for each other, my husband said he had no problem with us seeing where it went, so it grew from there. We'd have to be able to afford a big enough house that we all had our own space. decided that he wanted to be more of a friend to my husband and they have actually started to have guy time together, and I am happy because not only are the two of them getting closer, but they always had the potential to be really good friends and good influences for each other.

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