Microsoft access 2016 validating

This is what the dialog box will say if the user to enters a value that doesn’t conform to the rule, then attemps to leave the field.

He’ll have to either change the value or hit ESC to undo the entry.

we ask what version was installed, they told it was a LICENSE ACADEMIC OFFICE,standard edition.2ask if whats the mode of the activation since they don't give as a hard case, they told us it was purchased ONLINE and it was via VOLUME LICENSING. we ask whats the expiration date , they told us it was a LIFE TIME activated..****is there such thing as a life time activated? However, when you enable the Required property and a user fails to enter a value, Access displays a somewhat unfriendly error message.Typically, your database is easier to use if you use IS NOT NULL and enter a friendly message in the Validation Text property.One way to help the user is to set an input mask, but that adds other problems for the user if he/she clicks inside the textbox or deletes one or more digits, so many users hate input masks. For example, if the first hour digit is zero or one, the second hour digit can be any digit, but if the first is two, the second can not be higher than four.To have a textbox that just works for entering time takes several steps: That may seem like a lot, but the outcome is a highly optimised control demonstrating the true power of an input mask. The input mask is, as the first digit is optional: Now comes the fun part -- to try to be smart, helping the user by correcting invalid values while still allowing the normal key entries for navigating inside the control as well as away from the control: Note the conversion of the time value as a formatted string expression, as Default Value is a string.

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