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Waltrip, who was penalized 100 championship points, said he did not plan to fire anybody until the investigation is complete, but sources close to the situation said it was inevitable.

Ty Norris, the general manager at MWR, declined to comment when asked if anybody had been fired."We're going to find out who did it and why they did it," he said.

Waltrip was injured in a crash and needed stitches.

Waltrip asked Franks to hold his hand during the stitching under his lip. Michael Waltrip and Buffy Franks married on Nov 27 1993.

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They added that Waltrip's team violated four areas of Toyota's code of ethics."I'm surprised I didn't use all three of them," Waltrip said of the strikes. I'm very disappointed and very sad."This is a time to celebrate and be proud of what we accomplished. I just hope people are able to separate Michael Waltrip Racing from Toyota in this instance."Bill Davis of Toyota's Bill Davis Racing has no problem with such strict guidelines."They can save the stamp with me," he said of the letter. He apologized repeatedly for embarrassment caused to the foreign manufacturer making its debut at Daytona and to his primary sponsor, NAPA."What took place was the act of an individual or individuals," Waltrip said.You probably heard her name before, Elizabeth Franks was married for 17 years to race car driver Michael Waltrip before the couple decided to call it quits in 2010. Elizabeth Buffy Franks was born on April 5, 1967 in Louisiana.Franks and her family moved from Monroe, Louisiana, to Owosso, Michigan, because her father had a job with Georgia Pacific.While her ex, Mike Waltrip was seen without his wedding ring for about 1 year since early 2008. While still married she launched a jewelry line, but ever since the couple split she virtually disappeared from the radar.However we do now she remarried a man named Adam Hawthorne and she is known now as Buffy Hawthorne!

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