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Is it still worth investing in a quality watch, even though everyone uses their cell phone or computer to check time?

Reader L wrote in to ask about watches: I searched your site and found the post on digital watches, but I would love your (and your readers’) opinions on non-digital wrist watches.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask those of you who read my blog to ask questions and suggest future blog posts.

This post is not directly about contractor or homeowner issues, but I have been thinking lately about the stress of dealing with a lawsuit.

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For example, on a real Cartier watch, the one of the bars on the V in the “VII” is actually the word “Cartier.”) I know one good friend who confided in me that her parents bought her graduation watch — a Michele — at Costco.– I’ve been hearing lots of people discuss access to birth control as a risk now that Kennedy has retired.– What do you do at work when you are bored / have time to kill / things are just very slow?It would be useful to hear suggestions at various price points. I’ve written before about how I think watches are still status symbols.Not only do men’s magazines all still advise men to go out and spend money on a watch, but I’ve often been at a lunch with high-achieving women, looked around, and noticed that 8 of the 10 women there were wearing Cartier watches.

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