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She married Ray, and they moved to the city she had years earlier fallen in love with, New Orleans.It was a much deserved (and hard fought for) chance at a fresh start in the city they both loved.In all those years, Kim was a dynamo of energy and productivity, able to write through the night and work a full day at the office, attend a play and rehearse with us deep into the night again. With specialist medical help and, crucially, good health insurance, she was able to go into remission not long before we met.She was ready to take on the world and she was already making her mark, big time.

She and Ray threw themselves into their new life, Kim writing the wonderfully demented A Christmassacre Story, recording and making videos with our band, joining the Theatre at St.

I'm a Broadway, television and film actor and most importantly, a friend of Kimberly Ann Kaye.

After years successfully fighting autoimmune disease, Kimberly was hit hard by a drug resistant kidney infection this summer and now needs help healing the traumatic organ damage left behind.

Because they are fighters and survivors, they have done all they can do, but it's not seeming to be enough. Kim's doctors explain that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has shown dramatic results stopping, and even reversing tissue damage from both IC and Chron's and a host of other previously untreatable ailments.

Fortunately, New Orleans is home to a hyperbaric chamber on the West Bank.

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