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Then officially known as 'The Microsoft Network', version 1.0 of the service launched along with Windows 95 on August 24, 1995.

An additional 'Communicate' section was based around email, chat rooms (which were branded MSN Chat and moved to the standard IRC protocol), and newsgroups (which were moved to Usenet from a proprietary architecture), while a 'Find' section was dedicated to searching MSN content and the rest of the Internet; it also provided a calendar of upcoming events and new shows on MSN.Today, the company still provides dial-up Internet access under the name 'MSN Dial-up' for those who cannot access high-speed broadband. The concept for MSN was created by the Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft, headed by Nathan Myhrvold.For several years, MSN was the second largest dial-up ISP in the United States behind longtime leader AOL, but very few people in the U. MSN was originally conceived as a subscription-based dial-up online service and proprietary content provider like America Online or Compu Serve.In addition to MSN 2.0's speed and stability issues, existing MSN subscribers were concerned the transition to MSN 2.0 would break up communities that were established via the MSN Classic message boards and chat rooms.originated as a negative response to the new MSN 2.0 software.

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