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It's hard not to get to know the people you spend at least eight hours a day with.

But meeting people this way isn't just limited to time in the office or break room.

Another way is to look for run or walks in the your neighborhood, which are often posted in the gym. If it's new friends you seek, why not try looking at some of your past friendships?

Perhaps the best way to meet new friends is when you’re getting outside your comfort zone and doing something new.

I used to spend every Saturday doing laundry, and in the beginning I brought a book with me and didn't say much to the other people. (This is where extroverts can help people like me come out of my shell.) Rather than keep my nose in my book, I took a break and chatted with some people who turned out to be my neighbors.

I never realized it until I made small talk with them.

Plus, if you spot someone you know casually, seeing them out like this is a good way to start up a conversation and get to know them better.

Here are six ways to meet people during your daily routine.

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