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I’ve also never been one to go "looking for love," but my love life has always been, ahem, , and I’ve had a flurry of significant others, flings, and holiday romances in my life.

I don’t typically go looking for relationships, but somehow, I end up in a surprising number of them—which probably contributes to the reason why I hate the word "boyfriend" but don’t mind the word "ex."A few years ago, the concept of online dating was pretty alien and off-putting to me.

If a person seems a bit off—there’s nothing specific that you can pinpoint, but you just have a hunch—follow that feeling.

If you don’t, you could end up in a dangerous situation (or more likely, just on a bad date—but not worth the risk).

I’ve met probably half of my guy friends from Tinder.

Maybe we didn’t click romantically, but we certainly had enough there to sustain a fulfilling friendship to this day.

I decided to be honest and told him, "I’m sorry, but this just isn’t going to work out." He was completely dumbfounded, so I explained that I just wasn’t into the kiss.

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" He ran up to me, dipped me like that V-J Day in Times Square photo, and gave me a Hollywood-style kiss.

Then, within a few seconds of me ordering my drink, he informed me that he would murder me.

He proceeded to say this about five or six more times, before his creepy friends came over to me and started stroking my hair, telling me that I was pretty.

I’ve successfully set up my Tinders with my friends—even once going to the extreme and inviting 10 guys in half-hour increments to meet 10 of my girlfriends. Also, if the date sucks or is a creep, you’ve got your friends there for support and laughter.

Once, I went for an after-work drink around 6, and I was supposed to meet my second date at 9.

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