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Perhaps not coincidentally, she has also started getting reprimanded frequently at school for things such as talking over the teacher. I just feel so helpless at being able to help her - can anyone steer me to a professional we could see together to address this? Anon if masterbating is an effective, harmless emotional release for her. good luck I think its great that your daughter understands that masturbation is private. I know parents who have struggled to get their kids to understand that they need to seek privacy if they want to masturbate, but your kid already understands that. '' or ''honey, let's keep our hands out of our bottom when we have visitors.'') I was hoping that the answers you received would cover this one, but I feel like I need to offer a different perspective.

I was your daughter's age when I experienced a similar situation, and years of my parents avoiding the issue led to years of heart-ache, embarrassment, and even physical issues for me.

The problem is that a couple of the assistants are uncomfortable about this.

I have spoken to them repeatedly, mentioning this is normal curious behavior for the kid's age, just extra hand washing is needed, but it seems like they just can't stop muttering about it to one another. anon Both my children have been enthusiastic employers of self-stimulation/self-soothing, particularly at nap-time.

She has even started going into her room or bathroom at various times of day ''to be alone'' and tells me not to bother her because she ''needs privacy''. I also draw the line if she's masturbating when I need her to pay attention.

It's okay to set gentle boundaries around it (for example, if someone is selt-stimming during playtime) by saying, '' Not right now, honey'' or '' That's for rest-time'' or even '' That's private.'' And of course we always keep our hands to our own bodies.'' I simply say, '' The holes in your body are special and need to be kept clean.Things you play with and hands if they're not clean can hurt you or make you sick.'' Sept 2008 Hi - I can't believe I'm having to ask about this, but my 6-year-old daughter has been masturbating lately.i Stripper Hot playful sexy strippers perform discreetly on your desktop or hand held device in the privacy of your own comfortable surroundings. Lovingly filmed in UHD 4K which guarantees you the best quality for your device.. Red Light Center Red Light is the Internets most sophisticated and advanced adult virtual reality universe.The online erotic community site offers users virtual nightclubs, hotels, bars, movie theaters and stores.

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