Marriage dating saudi arabia

To apply for a Certificate of Freedom to Marry, you must complete an online questionnaire about yourself and your upcoming marriage.Based on this questionnaire, you’ll be presented with one or more Statutory Declarations to complete and a checklist of supporting documentation you'll need to submit with your application.Despite slowly moving efforts to increase protections for Saudi women and girls, violence against women and forced marriage remains a serious problem.

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The Saudi Kingdom’s governance through a highly conservative interpretation of Islamic Shari’ah law, and recognition of male guardianship over both adult and minor females, severely limits the rights and options of women and girls in country.Saudi Arabia does not have codified laws on marriage and divorce, and family law is governed by Shari’ah law as interpreted and administered by the Ministry of Justice.There is no minimum age of marriage, and while there have been some recent efforts to set the age of consent at 18, such reforms have long been opposed by those that believe it would violate Shari’ah law.We will return all your original documents to you after we inspect them.If you haven't included all the necessary documents, your application will be returned to you.

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