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xii FOREWORDINTRODUCTION: ENTERPRISE MARKETING MANAGEMENT T housands of books have been written to try to explain how to go about the business of marketing.

Most of them describe in a very basic way how to use tools like advertising or pro- motions or trade shows to drive your business. What has been left out of the dialogue is that most marketers have been off on their own island for years while the rest of the company and the economy has been transformed by the informa- tion revolution.

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This book answers the questions that many people asked after they read The End of Marketing as We Know It.

Yeah that makes a lot of sense but how do I get it done This is truly the ideal companion book to The End of Marketing as We Know It.

Even though marketing is a science they’ve helped us apply art where it’s neces- sary to help us communicate more clearly.

And finally even books ixabout marketing need to be marketed.

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