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He first dated actress Elizabeth Mc Govern in 1984. The two separated and Charlize moved on in her life. He is a hard working person and has made recognizable position in American entertainment (mainly film and T.

Warner Brothers, the studio behind's website on January 9, 2016, Penn revealed that he had met with Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán at an undisclosed location in October 2015.He noted, "I take no pride in keeping secrets that may be perceived as protecting criminals, nor do I have any gloating arrogance at posing for selfies with unknowing security men . Mexican authorities said they were able to zero in on the drug lord's location through his cell phone and electronic exchanges, although it was unclear whether any of those exchanges were with Penn.It was also unclear whether the actor was facing legal problems for his involvement in the situation.Two Lion’s , Two fire signs , Two Strong-willed people Sean would always be there for Madonna and wanted to guard her from the crimes in the world.They still have that connection and bond from their youth of trying to survive in a strung up city, every time they look in each others eyes that young rebellion and lust kicks in their memory.

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