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The largest of these, Mound A, is to the west of the ridges, and is roughly T-shaped when viewed from above.

Many have interpreted it as being in the shape of a bird and also as an "Earth island", representing the cosmological center of the site.

Each is separated from the next by a flat corridor of earth.

Dividing the ridges into three sections (formerly five) are two ramps that slope inwardly, leading to Bayou Maçon.

Poverty Point comprises several earthworks and mounds, built between 1650 and 700 BC during the Archaic period in North America, by a group of Native Americans of the Poverty Point culture.Prior to construction, the vegetation covering the site was burned.According to radiocarbon analysis, this burning occurred between approximately 14 BCE.The approximate diameter of the outside ridge is three-quarters of a mile, while the innermost ridge's diameter is about three-eighths of a mile.Alongside these ridges are other earthworks, primarily platform mounds.

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