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All those men are going to bore into you with their eyes.

Some will be lucky and see what you’re wearing and others will just be guessing.”“But I’m not -”Her voice trailed off as she connected with what Matt had just said.

The same cold air circled around her legs and slowly twisted their way upwards with every step she took.Matt’s eyes are glued to Abi’s figure as she slides effortlessly down the stairs; her hand clutches the handrail tightly with every small step she takes.It would seem, she is dressed to please and every hot blooded male would be pleased to see her dressed like this.She looks in Matt’s direction, for approval if nothing else.Her shyness forces a smile from her face which she quickly hides.“What coat are you wearing? Abi points to the one that is black; with a below-the-knee hemline that hangs from the hook behind the front door.

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