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Jumi Cam works in conjunction with a desktop or laptop computer.

This app will recieve video streams from as many cameras as you can set up.

I think you have to purchase the full version to use on "external networks" like when you leave the house.

But for the price,the results are more than expected and awesome!

You can select the quality level and even use your i Phone 4s flashlight.

Unfortunately, there is no access to the front camera and the microphone is not used. Still, this is one of the best free apps out there for streaming video.

FEATURES:* Continuous video and audio feed.* Compatible with most internal and external USB webcams.* Support multiple webcam connections.* Volume, frame rate and sync control directly from your device.* Take snapshots of the video feed and save them into i OS's photo library.* Support remote video recording.* Support motion detection, motion triggered recording, and motion triggered email notification.* Support "hidden mode" that allows discrete monitoring, and auto-start when your computer starts.* Support both Mac and Windows.* Apple Watch support.* Free future update for life.** IMPORTANT: To ensure your webcam is compatible, please download and install our Mac or Windows software first.

Make sure the software works correctly on your system BEFORE purchasing Air Cam on i Tunes.

Simply point your webcam to the location you want to monitor, and receive live video feed on your i OS device.Unfortunately when you play back the video on the ipod or iphone, there is no sound. The recording you took instantly saves onto your computer, and the sound is fine. Like when I exit out of the app and try to go back on, sometimes there's just a black screen. I still haven't really played around with it since the update, but so far it's working alright. I award another star (virtual star) because the desktop-based part of this is a free download and also has great functionality. I also think adding the option to disable the video and only listen to the audio would be a great feature.You can now disable the audio, but sometimes I'd rather hear than see - especially at night. If you have viewers you can interact with them in the chat room. Imagine having a live video stream of your dog while you are at work or having a live video feed of the washer to know when your clothes are done. There is a simple one click button to share your streams with the world.

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