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But when a once-respected stateswoman like Madeleine Albright does it, we should all sit up and take notice. It also seems insulting to real Muslims, who might object to seeing their religion being used as a political football for the virtue-signalling .

Polls from late last year show that the public supports Trump’s hard-nosed refugee policies by a commanding 2-to-1 margin.

This is who I am.” Of course this only fed her persecution complex, and her temptation to bask in the negative attention of being the first Hollywood starlet to convert to Islam. Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, sent out a tweet this week that shocked the world. Secretary of State say that she will register under a foreign religion just to score cheap political points against the fearless champion who took down her beloved Hillary?

A few years later, when most of her peers were celebrating their 21st birthdays with one too many, Lohan was already checking in to the exclusive Wonderland Center rehab facility in Los Angeles.For some of the Hollywood celebrities who are most determined in their mission to attack Western values, they’ve developed a harmful obsession with counter-religions.Kabbalah, Satanism, Paganism, Scientology, these are the dodgy dogmas that these morally confused malcontents tend to gravitate to. It’s not shocking or exotic enough anymore to become a Buddhist, a Taoist, or even a Moonie.The new thing these days is In a desperate, embarrassing bid to pander to the Muslim invaders who are tearing Europe to pieces, many women from Christian backgrounds have been wearing the hijab, and even going through the extensive procedures to convert to Islam.Perhaps they are hoping to expand their dating options, since the vast majority of the so-called “refugees” are young, fit, fighting-aged males who are seeking brides and mothers for their future broods of junior jihadis.

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