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It allowed us to see the whole scope of her life in a way.What did you find to be the most fun aspect of playing such a character?After this two-hour opening special of dumb humanity allied to blind familial devotion, we may have seen enough already.As a special dramatic presentation, History Channel is airing the 6-hour mini-series HATFIELDS & MCCOYS over three nights in order to tell the violent and labyrinthine story of two families whose personal feud led to one of the largest government-sanctioned manhunts in U. Instead, the terrifying tale of the HATFIELDS & MCCOYS marks a turning point in history when men were law unto themselves and family obligations came first, no matter how strong your love for another. She starts in one place and really ends up in a completely different place, mentally and physically.So it was a big night for Channel 5 last night with its debut of Hatfields & Mc Coys, the American mini-series that aired across the Atlantic in May, sporting a cast led by Kevin Costner.

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It’s so fun to just play make-believe and play these different characters. Because if you’re actually going through the physical elements, like the weather, affecting your physical body, then it kind of helps propel the character forward. LINDSAY: We shot it in Romania, which people are surprised about. The problem we ran into Kentucky and West Virginia is that it doesn’t really look like it did back in the Civil War era. I think that, for some reason, they come a little bit easier for me.One in particular was when Roseanna gave birth to the baby ’cause I haven’t been a mom. They were a little bit warmer than, of course, the other dramatic things that were going on, so it felt like you two were smirking a little bit at the camera. I think everybody was very enthusiastic about this project coming on to it and every single one of us said how excited we were to be there. I like to think that it would be really beautiful and they had a wonderful life together.So those emotions and going through that was kind of strange, but it felt really special at the same time. The series was always dangling the possibility that Roseanna might eventually accept one of Perry Cline’s proposals, and his last proposal created one of your more dramatic scenes. LINDSAY: That was after Roseanna had really transformed from who she was at the beginning of the series.At its height, it involved state governors and military intervention.The two families were still at it in 1979, appearing in a week-long special of the game show Family Feud, the US original of our more effetely named Family Fortunes.

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