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For up't O'the-minute weather information I Tune to ilie National Weather Service ndio hand at Vl H-'-l-'M 162.4 or 162.55 MHZ or call 423*4423, itioim Hemperati ^ ^ IMii LE^ AJbuquorquo ' 72 . Snow advisories were posted in Ihc Sierra Ncviidas, where Iteavy snows were predicted. 2nd peacekeeper killed in 2 days in Sarajevo Clinton details ‘must list’ SAKAJli VO, lio Miia-llcr/cgovina (AP) ,j Sniper lire killed the sueund French U. Noed nn espresso m Uie mofnif X)’ Tiying lo f;l in n quick l;ip in ^ ; lo lovi Ti lo( grocerles..c 4 Up to ol' boy," says Rex Eorly, a for- mer state Republican chairman now running for governor. Magic Valley Mall next lo tlic Bon 734-6660 Now at the ELj ECEnt Br Test Drive The Contact Lens Revolution New 1-DAY ACUVUE® Start up a brand new pair in the morning. Mc Namara's confession reopens the great unhealed wound of Vietnam.

ijooa morning Today^s forecast: Mostly cloudy with a chance of an af-"^ — tcmoon showor.-Highs-50 to 55. A2 — Banking on agnculture A fanner and two Twin Falls city counclltneit arc trying to start"a “Magic Valley Bunk" fur agriculture. When Dole declared his presidential candidacy last week', he not only committed himself to cut- ting taxes, he also calidd for a lax system thol's “lower, fairer, flatter and simpler." Flat-tax fever is sweeping the Republican Par- ly.' And the Senate majority leader, the early fa- vorite to win the Republican nomination, is only the latest to catch it. of the Republi- can-presidential hopefuls want to overhaul the lax process 'and replace it with a far simpler one. 80 -Milwaukoo— Minneapolis Now Orleans Now York Oklahoma City Omaha Phoenix Pitlsburgh ' Portland, Mo. Drawing such fine distinctions is not easy, and it probably is impossible while we still harbor bitterness toward one another.

ni ; 25 pet 21 Biiromu’lur ill 5 p m.: 29.79 0 Pollen coun I: 12: mnpio and 22 .... Showers, thunderstomis and hail moved across parts of ihc upper Mississippi Valley. ' to Orthodox churches in other coun- : “*’*^®y* f8n#«‘«s,w considenng markcthi B— Sun^Ipy'. 1995 - Tlmo S'Nows, Twin l^alls, Idaho • A*3 Buy itr Se M i t! -Chnnrhr: = these iconfi.w.ctcjniii&-diaiiig_ Roberts, 75 and a retired hospital Z ^ worker with a' • ^ i Nixon charactenz.^ his visit wife, nvcchil. but Tm not Greek, and some people -discouragcd-me.-said-Robcrta.-who grew up two'blocks from a Greek _ .. __ "We're seeing if nil over the cou ntr y -- p cople-jnst-are n’ t- g et*— ting involved in the e.group's." Arenz said- Shootings of abortion doctors in Massachusetts and Florida have knocked down Operation Rescue’s numbers, said the Rev. It was a fluke." said Allen, burglary, three months before the "She never felt forgotten. ly never gave up." "She didn’t have an alibi avail- Tlic new suspect. She •Bailey, has not been charged; she doesn’t have a family that would already i,s imprisoned in an unrclal- make up a story. We're located at: _Priya_thru_stiopiw):].^1w "SHFills Avil Siilte #1050 Twin Falls, Id. ♦F.uminiliam «n4 c Amt pr/Mlinlul {tax p H laclililal 1631 Grandview Drive North ■ 733-6 1 28 FREE ADMISSION Donations will be accep, led during each session. It may help to explain, but it certainly docs not ex- cuse, our behavior." — This-extraordinary admission glad---- dens former war protesters such as President Clinton, who declared Friday that the book vindicated his opposition to an unjust war.

A siomt moving into the northern Plains hrought sluiwcrs, llmtuler Montis, and high winds lo the re* gioii. Milili.i gumps til western aiul een- tral Montaiu have gamed lutional attention leeenilv bee.iiise ofa series of eonfioni;iiions with enfoiee* Vets Ihe 'ihei was \l..l. - Continued from A1— " Wc wcrp_thinking of starting our inc? He has .-^c when: Ben had bee n driving .0 toheaven." never sold icons, although St. Saturday's tlmil demonsirution— paled in coniparison; About 80 members of Operation Rescue' showed up at one clinic, along with about 50..abortion rights activists, "Tiiey.'ve definitely bottomed , out." said Janet Aren/, director of the national clinic defense project of the Los Angeles-based Feminist Majority Foundation. w ho was in tow n t o tra i n "cliniy defenders." said there’s been a steady decline at demonstra- tions. •Land •Construction *Purchase •Refinance With Over 50 National Lenders If we can't do your loan, chunces^are it can’t be done. ind allow them to hurry back fo *"*■’ People tlic mar yr t ley 52 million in annual sales to support their calling. Gammill’s family greeted her at - Deputy Chief Jimmy Houston had anotiicr big strike "Nobody had any reason to against Iter: She couldn’t remember believe there was a lookalike bur- where she had been the night of the glar. " New Location Costco "Whimsical Charm" SPEEDYLOCK •Three or four thread serging •Rolied and narrow hems -Golorcodcrf j TTj for easy threading '7^ •Adjustable stitch width and length kjtacfde "We are dedicated to helping our patients and the community with quality care and service. Kevin Leman has encouraged and entenained audiences worldwide with his wit, wisdom and common sense-psychology. Dr.“Lcmap is the co-host of "Parent Talk", aired on over 400 stations. Wfwra Your Vision Is Pndous'Boyond Moosum 0 vwe M0nnouct* “I fear that, in such circumstances, -governments---., and indeed, most people - tend to slick their heads in the sand.

rrhr Ihe people lia\e been duped into believing the gmemmeni' is .serving them, though the reverse is actually die e;ise. "We've had an oseillnow of our lawful govern- ment. One gioiip urged p.lo write letters lo stale olliciais 111 suppon of Anne l-'o\. “I got ori Oyda R, looted,” Roberts said, chuckling. pieces arc priceless." nnhn Z T r o he lias chosen, usually by Onhodox church in Rock Sprm Bs, from Germany, Russia, ^yo ^ccan^c Roman Calholic Lebanon or Italy. Today, he takes his Orthodoxy designs and paints to fill in the back- seriously. 1 told a ground, minister of another faith that our All icons must be “inscribed." religion is like being on a supcrhigh- according to church tradition, and WTiy to heaven," Roberts said, with a are referred to as “written,” to be laugh. Nowodnys, they’re likely to have .switched to a cottage industry, making Secretaries Day ;: The-tto MMigiwil U3a±Leld: Fridayz April;2fc "Serving The Magic Valley for Nine Years" IQ2i Shoshone Slieei N.. Three mornings a week, he and other monks work in a bakery Inside their monestery. Operation Rescue drew thousands of i'oilowcrs to Louisiana for a wccklong anti-abortion protest. - Vietnam hongs over America today, much ihc Way Gettysburg hung over an earlier generation.

,ibo diew seseral groups llial passed out iiiforiiialion. For centuries, monasteries have relied on tasks such ns farming, rais- ing animals or copying manuscripts. I Brother Patrick Ryan of New York, reads at the Abbey of the Genesee Friday. contain- ing posthumous medals, a bundle of letters and a photograph, the face frozen impossibly, tragically young.

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