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' My mom's very passionate, so she really got into it! She got into it, that's how she felt in the moment, she moved on. I still love her to death." Burnett says there's more to the family than Lynn's mouth. It's like a family sitcom slash drama." Much of the family conflict on the show will, in fact, revolve around Lynn butting heads with Audrina's semi-estranged younger sister Casey, 24, an equally outspoken married mom of two."One thing you've got to realize about Audrina's family is that they're a family of faith," he says. They have their rifts like any family, and in the end they support each other. (She also has another younger sister, Sammy, 16, and a younger brother, Marky, 22.There wasn't anything produced, and there's never a dull moment.

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She was just like, 'Fine, what do you want to know!

The couple will break up on during the season, and Bohan still seems pretty bitter about the whole thing.

"Dating on TV is hard, it really is" Patridge says.

“That was pretty misconstrued because they asked if I could do a shot where I drive away with her or ride away with her.”“And then they had brought a helmet with her, for her, and I showed up, I filmed and they’re like, ‘Oh, we’re not gonna do this shot. “But they shot the helmet left by itself and me taking off, and they’re like, ‘He left her.’ And I’m like, ‘What? ’” Brescia says, when asked whether he wanted to be famous at the time.

“But I think if you get it in a negative light, then you don’t want it.”Still, if another opportunity like came calling, he admits he would be open to the possibility, adding that he’d do it “a lot smarter.”Now based in Austin, Texas, Brescia -- who admits he doesn’t have a personal life at the moment -- is putting all his focus on his alternative punk rock band, Bobbyroc K, which is currently on its first U.

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