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There’s a comfortable three rooms spacious area for the workshop in this 220 years old house, near by the Catholic church, with a large 3600 square meters garden.

I believe that art is not a mere interpretation of copying old artefacts but creating new ones that never exised before.

This provides the continous growth in the quality of sound for centuries.

Once a year I drive to certain areas in Europe, where the best tonewoods grow to buy the wood for my musical instruments.

The sports - running, cycling, swimming, hiking, playing tennis-, gardening, relaxing, eating healthy food, suntanning, going to concerts...

help me to keep a good physical-mental health and a vivid sense for good sound and aesthetics in a creative life.

I was interested to know and create the ancestor of a possible inside shape - mould - of these old violas, where everything has started, where divine proportions were possibly in an ideal state.

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A report with me in 2016 (only in Hungarian): Educational background: I was studying baroque violin- and viola da gamba making at West Dean College in West Sussex, England.

Baroque cello was made in 2016, based on a successful new personal model (form “P2” from 2015).

Due to the demand for somewhat smaller size cellos, I created this shape, based on smaller size original instruments, like Gofriller and Stradivari. Body mensur: 400 mm Neck length: 280 mm String length: 693 mm Smaller sized baroque viola, made in 2013, personal design, inspired by classical makers’ instruments.

Classical makers in 16th – 18th centuries understood proportions – like golden section, harmonic section, arithmetical section.

They were geniuses in the way they used divine proportions, stylistic variations and shaped different characters of sound.