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However, upon meeting Haruhi Suzumiya, he quickly finds out that it is the supernatural that she is interested in—aliens, time travelers, and espers among other things.When Haruhi laments about the lack of intriguing clubs around school, Kyon inspires Haruhi to form her own club.In fact it seemed that Kuroi-sensei needed a substitute for those few days also. That's 'Frogger: Party Party Hop' that's not Mature rated."Konata looked back at the computer monitor and saw a frog face staring at her.

Whether she’s hanging out with her friends Nana Ebina and Kirie Motoba, or competing with her self-proclaimed “rival” Sylphinford Tachibana, Umaru knows how to kick back and have some fun!

Although a month has passed, Kodaka is still alone thanks to his notorious reputation.

However, his life begins to change when he finds fellow loner Yozora Mikazuki talking to her imaginary friend in an empty classroom.

When Kodaka Hasegawa finds out that he will be transferring to a new school, he is determined to make a positive impression, and maybe even some friends.

However, Kodaka discovers he is out of luck when he immediately gets labeled as a violent delinquent due to his blond hair and intimidating expression.

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    Pretend like you're in the same room and after a while, you'll actually feel like you are together.

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