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Netizens speculated that V and a fan called “HI” are secretly dating.Although the interaction between the two has been going on for some time, the netizen was convinced that there was something going on that was beyond the celebrity-fan relationship.It is also rumored Suga is eiher bisexual or pansexual.J-Hope gives hope to his fans because there haven’t been any rumors about him dating anyone.When Jungkook mentioned his ideal woman was someone similar to Jung Chae Yeon, rumors about them secretly dating began to pop up. She has already denied the rumor but fans are still suspicious.

However, half of his fans also deny this speculation.

Because of these rumors, there were a lot of activities by fans scrambling to get proof of their relationship.

Some of these proofs involved a secret account of the couple with a profile picture of “Mochi and Cookie”.

Netizens claimed that a more suspicious relationship was indeed happening as V often mentions “HI nuna”, V uploading pictures which were similar to HI’s fan letter and V posting pictures of him wearing a similar ring as what HI gave him.

However, the dating rumor was denied by Big Hit Entertainment.

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