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At the conclusion of that episode, not wanting to risk their lives further, he parts ways with her and Rory after giving them a house and car.

Series finale "The Wedding of River Song" depicts an alternate universe created by River refusing to kill the Doctor in Utah, as previously shown.

He tells her that her parents had been erased by the crack in her wall and urges her to remember them.

He triggers Amy's memories, but as she remembers, it is revealed that the centurion Rory is actually an Auton—a duplicate of living plastic—created from Amy's memories to help capture the Doctor.They receive an anonymous invitation to the Utah desert where they reunite with the Doctor —now aged nearly two hundred years since they have last met —and fellow invitee River Song.Amy witnesses the Doctor's death at the hand of an astronaut in an Apollo space suit, but they discover the Doctor also invited a younger version of himself, with whom they travel to 1969 Washington, D. to investigate strange occurrences involving the Silence, an alien race who cannot be remembered after they are encountered.Once Amy remembers the Doctor, he is restored to reality.The sixth series (2011) begins with Amy and Rory living a normal domestic life.

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