Justification for consolidating similar systems

In random storage operations, a WMS system can direct fast movers to the closest open location to the pick point.Operations using fixed picking locations will generally also have a reserve or overflow storage area.The ability to quickly and accurately process customer orders has become an essential part of doing business.The methods for order picking vary greatly and the level of difficulty in choosing the best method for your operation will depend on the type of operation you have.Historical data on picks per SKU, quantity per pick, picks per order, total picks, total orders, orders received by time of day, etc.will be important in not only the initial plan, but also in the ongoing operation of the system.

Extensive data analysis is necessary in determining the best methods for order picking.Outbound shipments should always have some type of a check in place.The type of check will vary from operation to operation.Mail order catalog companies and repair parts distributors are good examples of piece pick operations. Content on Inventory is copyright-protected and is not available for republication.Case picking operations tend to have less diversity in product characteristics than piece picking operations, with fewer SKUs and higher picks per SKU.

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