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Obviously, we now know they didn't actually tie the knot until October (and in Italy). They say it's really for real this time, and that the cute couple will become a family of three sometime in April 2015.

When Biel didn't walk the red carpet with her hubby for the American Music Awards in November of 2013, the internet was abuzz with breakup rumors.

last year, he revealed two heart-meltingly new photos of his little guy.

That wasn't the first time we've seen Silas, of course — Justin also posted a cute photo during the NBA playoffs and shared an adorable snap on Father's Day last year.

In 2008 they were very much a couple, and both worked publicly together to endorse Barack Obama's presidential election campaign.

From 2009 there began to be rumours that the couple were splitting up, and for a while in 2011 this actually happened.

The two apparently met when they climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa together the year before.

So said one tabloid in November 2007, claiming that Biel — "who's been dogged by lesbian rumors" — hit up a bar in downtown Los Angeles, California, where she grabbed another girl's ass. 'Cause slapping the ass of someone of the same sex would totally be a sign of secret sexuality, right?

A mother-in-law not getting along with her prospective daughter-in-law? Despite a lack of any real evidence, "sources" placed Timberlake "acting like a single guy" at the 30th birthday party of pretty Kate Hudson in April 2009.

But — imagine this — the rumors didn't gain much traction since the pair's love child the rags predicted only a few months prior never materialized.

But Biel took to Twitter quickly, explaining, "I'm watching from home tonight.

Calm down, Internet." When a list surfaced in March 2014 that reportedly was a document detailing the supposed sexual conquests of Lindsay Lohan, a whole mess of Hollywood heavy hitters were named...

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