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There was nothing particularly wrong with it (well, except for the stupid backdrop of vintage surfers surfing) but it was entirely utilitarian.

I appreciated that Phillip stuck to the melody, and unlike last week’s “Time of the Season” — which even his brother-in-law labeled “pretty rough” — that he hit most of the notes.

Jessica, please justify my enjoyment of this performance!

It’s like the difference between a peacock with its tailfeathers bound and broken, and one with its fan on full display, instinctively aware of its own power.

With that statistic settling into your brain (and making you cry either “Amen! ”) let’s cut right to the music — which fell under two separate categories of “Songs by Artists from California/Songs About California” and “Songs the Contestants Wish They Wrote.” Keiran, dim the lights…

Phillip Phillips: Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” | If Phillip’s first performance of the night was a meal, it would’ve been a hastily assembled turkey sandwich, scarfed down over the sink before rushing out the door to an appointment.

Joshua’s soaring “I’ll take these broken wings” bridge was DVR rewind-worthy, and I liked the sexiness of Phillip’s syncopated grrrrs and arrghs. Lo was right, the whole thing was an “unexpected treat.” Hollie & Jessica: The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame” | Everything about this perfomance was wrong — except for the song choice and the actual vocals.

The cloth swings seemed designed to take Jessica and Hollie out of their comfort zones and minimize their chemistry, and the verses and chorus were chopped up in a way that kept interrupting the gals’ momentum.

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