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But the latest development in the case would never have happened without journalism professor Michael Tracey.It was Tracey who endured receiving four years worth of e-mails and chilling phone calls, leading detectives around the globe to John Mark Karr."I wasn't doing this as a journalist, as a scholar, I was doing this as someone who is extremely concerned about what I was reading and extremely concerned about what might happen to some other kids," Tracey says.On the surface, Boulder, Colo., is the ideal American town.It's beautiful, peaceful, and seemingly cut off from the types of crime that infect larger cities.The nightmare began eight years ago, in the early hours of Dec.

'Just tell me what you need me to do,'" he tells Moriarty.The Christmas 1996 murder of Jon Benet Ramsey has riveted America for nearly a decade.This past summer, the arrest of John Mark Karr briefly made it appear as though the mystery had been solved. Correspondent Erin Moriarty takes a new look at this true crime mystery and talks to Jon Benet's father John, who breaks his silence for the first time since his wife Patsy died in June and Karr was arrested several weeks later.Until his interview with 48 Hours, Tracey has never talked about his unexpected role in the hunt for the killer of Jon Benet.Asked what it was like to get those e-mails, Tracey says, "This is the worst experience of my life by far.

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