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Lauren’s boyfriend, Frank Castle, posted on his own Facebook page this morning a link to a community petition hosted on the official White House website that urges President Obama 'to take immediate action to save Steven’s life by any means necessary'.It is not immediately clear why Foley would have released an anti-American statement knowing that he was going to die, but it was likely he was engaging in bargaining with his captors, possibly for the life of another fellow hostage.Visiting Masada, the ancient fortress built atop a mountain plateau in modern day Israel, is a life-changing experience. There's simply nothing like visiting an ancient mountaintop fortress that overlooks the Dead Sea. But because of its isolation and the arid desert climate, the fortress once occupied by King Herod is a remarkably well-preserved relic of humanity's ancient past, one you can climb to on the same paths used by visiting dignitaries and invading Roman troops.Here's what that experience is like based on my visit last week ... Visit Paleo Judaica daily for the latest news on ancient Judaism and the biblical world.I was practicing Gymnastics, wanting to be on the Olympic Team.

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Since the death of his father Jimmy keeps the camera with him at all times and decide to become a photojournalist; a nervous kid starting out, he finds employment at the Daily Planet, where he befriended Clark Kent, who eventually entrusted him with his super-heroic secret allowing him to take the 1st photo of Superman, Seeking to broaden his own horizons, James was asked by Superman to move to National City to keep an eye on his cousin, Kara, also accepting a job as Cat Co Worldwide Media's art director.

Her journey of seeking God and leading others to Him has given her practical and inspirational insights.

Read More Exploring the timeless wisdom of Proverbs 31, Bible teacher Elizabeth George reveals how you can become a woman of true beauty — a woman who desires to honor God in all that she says and does.

Many years ago I too climbed the Snake Path in July.

At the end of the disturbing video, the masked ISIS operative issues a threat to kill another American journalist held captive if President Obama continues to order attacks against the group invading Iraq.

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