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We as educators need to change how we look at students and make material relevant .... How do you envision the new approach for Jewish Day Schools?

We will need to make changes in content so that it is more relevant for students; with a more student-centered approach there needs to be more of the right kind of professional training for faculty.

It occurred to me that the way our kids were being taught Judaic studies was not satisfying all the pieces needed for building a Jewish identity.

The system appeared to be molded after the general studies model — there was an imbalance of emphasis between intellectual pursuit and spiritual pursuit.

Judaic subjects are the basis of the moral and ethical infrastructure that we believe in as Jews — that form Jewish values and a Jewish home or marriage.

Our kids are not experiencing the deep meaning of Jewish subjects in a way they can internalize relative to other priorities, which will diminish the specialness and distinction of the Jewish people as a result.

JEIC’s grantees are experimenting with student-centered models, and we have committed to philanthropic partnerships in this area.I realized this after my first child, a product of the system, graduated high school with a negative image of Judaism...[and] I realized that there were many other children who also had this issue as well — instead of having a love of Judaism, many were glad to be done with it.Poor grades will inhibit positive transference, while good grades will not assure it.At the second JEIC retreat, Rabbi Berel Wein said we are in the middle of a 70-year experiment in Jewish education.

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