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Now images as Superflex Foxtrot seem to be most scarce - it would be good, in a single image & in quality, to show the vessel both before & after the conversion. The vessel was still on the Corfu run until early 2013 when it was sold (date of sale? to trial run on p.221), 2 (NY Times archive re 1887 sinking), 3 (Bristol City Line, Wells City #1), 4 (1902 explosion), 5 (Michigan Steamship ref.), 6 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). The total damage was valued at 0,000 including the vessel at 5,000.

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The entire Akaroa crew, in 2 lifeboats, safely reached the coast of France after 36 hours, so no loss of life accordingly. Lloyd's Register data, perhaps, to confirm the registered ownerships. Per 1 (1882 launch, Cornucopia), 2 ('wrecksite.eu', Cornucopia), 3 (Wreck Inquiry, Cornucopia), 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). long, two masted, schooner-rigged, signal letters WPMH. Potts, wife of Captain Potts, presumably of Turnbull, Potts & Co. Unsuccessful efforts were made to re-trim the cargo which had shifted in the holds. The webmaster has a few editions of Lloyd's Registers available ex Google books & 'archive.org', thru 1876/77 - see left. The 1877/78 edition of Lloyd's Register is not available to the webmaster. I guess different people of similar if not identical name? 1994, to Melalohari Hellenic Tugboats, of Piraeus, Greece, & later that year to 'Aghios Spyridon Shipping Co. But that data clearly is incorrect, thanks to Richard Lewis. 3, 1906, the vessel was sold to Adrienne Merville, of Dunkirk, France, to be broken up (1906 data from an expired e Bay item, which data seems to make sense in view of Richard's 1905 data). the modest image at 3 is from an album by Captain R. Morgan, who was, I am advised, the Royal Marine Commandant of Ascension Island in 1905-1908. The vessel was built for 'English & Scandinavian Steamship Co.', of Newcastle. The webmaster has a few editions of 'Lloyd's Register' available to him ex Google books & 'archive.org', - see left. Certainly, in the 1894/95 edition of Lloyd's Register, 'J. 'Linklater' was her first captain & proposed voyages from Sunderland to Ceylon & to China are indicated. (John) Morison, in 1870 of Fenchurch Street, London. But, if I understand 2 correctly, it never served under the Danish flag & was used for spare parts. The vessel was sold twice, in 1994, it would seem - firstly, in Jun. 20, 1879, the vessel was commissioned again (status changed perhaps? Served in the Mediterranean in 1886 (Brindisi, Suda Bay (Crete), Malta). coast of Africa; & states that the Navy disposed of the ship in 1904. The webmaster has a few editions of 'Lloyd's Register' available to him ex Google books (see left). 'Where Ships Are Born' refers to the fame of her shipbuilder being established by the sailing qualities of this vessel & also of Woollahra, Gwrtheyrn Castle, Celestial Empire & others. I read that in 1891 the vessel was sold to Richardson Brothers, of Swansea, Wales. 14, 1904, the vessel left Garston, Liverpool, for Tocopilla (in northern Chile) with a cargo of steam coal, with Robert Thomas in command & a crew of 19 all told. 10, 1904, during heavy weather, the lifeboat & gig was washed away. 30, 1904, smoke was noticed forward, & three hatches were battened down including the ventilators, presumably hoping to starve the fire. #412), 4 (data), 5 (vessel at Port Chalmers, New Zealand, in Mar. Ltd.', of Southampton, who owned it, per Lloyd's Registers, thru 1889/90. 3 voyages to Australia (& possibly New Zealand) & one trip to Cape Colony, South Africa, between 1899 & 1903, under the command of Captain R. 1, 1904, the vessel's fore-hatches were blown off & overboard &, at a.m. A wreck of a vessel of the same name lies at Rye, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, but it is An iron barque, which was launched in Oct. Per 1 ('wrecksite.eu', wreck data), 2 (data & modest image at link), 3 (ex this large 'doc' file in Norwegian, Akaroa at ref. In 1882, the vessel was transferred to 'Shaw, Savill & Albion Co.

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