James haven and angelina jolie dating

‘In Touch’ had last month reported that American actress Angelina Jolie is hastening her divorce with actor Brad Pitt because she wants to marry a ‘wealthy British male’. However, Gossip Cop had proven that this tale is untrue.Now this month, the tabloid has come with something new.

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It goes on to state that she has married the fourth time in just 8 months after filing for divorce with Brad Pitt.

The tabloid has stated that the groom-to-be is 40 plus and is a businessman and philanthropist with strong political ties and aspirations It also adds that she is anxious about her forthcoming fourth marriage and is seeking a speedy divorce from her ex-husband.

They quote a family friend as confirming that all the systems are ready to get the new couple married at her new property in Battambang.

She was also bullied by her classmates for being extremely thin and for her glasses and braces. She was admitted for 3 days at UCLA for severe nervous breakdown at age of 24.

She could not connect emotionally with other people and started self-destruction. She adopted a child (Maddox) and it was after this adoption that her life stabilized a bit.

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