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Jin Goo and Park Ha Sun will be a great unexpected pairing and I can see the potential for great chemistry.I don’t see Jo Hyun Jae at the first script reading so sounds like he joined at the last minute.Today comes the news that Jo Hyun Jae has joined the drama as well as the second male lead, with him and Han Chae Young both playing accomplished ad executives. I hope to god the powers that be behind this drama arrange for a secondary love story for them so that we’re spared the schmoopy love triangle and the two leads Jin Goo and Park Ha Sun will have their underdog professional success story and plucky love story.Advertising Genius Lee Tae Baek premieres after Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young were so so cute together in Only You.NA: missginachoi87BARO: baroganatanatda Sung Yuri: sung_yuri_Lee Hyun Jae: 88hyunjae Han Ji Hye: jh_han Lee Soo Hyuk: leesoohyuk Kim Soo Hyun: soohyun_k216Ji Sung: justin_jisung Park Min Young: rachel_mypark Shin Sung Woo: shin_sungwoo Park Min Woo: 1m1actor Nam Joo Hyuk:skawngur Kim Sun Ah: sunnystar1001Song Hye Gyo: kyo1122Lee Chun Hee: chuny012Jessica Jung: Uhm Jung Hwa: umaizing Hong Jong Hyun: hjonghyun Sung Joon: thuggyduck Clara: actressclara Park Jin Joo: jinjoo1224Lee Haru: tabloisdad THUNDER: shpthunder Eric Nam: realericnam Choi Jung Won: jungwon_choi IU: dlwlrma Lee Ha Yi: leehi_hi Boa Kwon: boakwon Go Jun Hee: gojoonhee Ada Wong (Kpopstar 4): adawongnz Lily M (kpopstar 4): lili_m_official Grace Shin (Kpopstar 4): itsgracetime Emma (kpopstar 4): _gemmanha John Chu (kpopstart 4): johnnnchu Esther Kim (kpopstar 4): estharkim Erin Miranda (kpopstar4 ): erim_miranda Jang Mi Ji (kpopstar 4): alwl0725Hong chan min (kpopstar 4): eereun Bernard Park (kpopstar 3): bernardpark Mckay Kim (Kpopstar 2): mkjoohyun Ohh let's folow some more Korean celebs.I always thought Donghae (Super Junior) was quite a spammer on Instagram but nobody beats Big Bang's TOP I guess who I started to follow since yesterday..I don't know that much people but if you happen to know that is not on the lists kindly reply on this thread will be glad to add more.

Jo Hyun Jae made a press appearance before the ceremony to talk to the media gathered outside the ceremony venue but as per usual when the other spouse is not a celebrity his intended was not by his side. You looked so different ever since I've watched Sassy Girl and Yuhee, the Witch - well, they are dated 6-8 years ago. =) btw, it doesn't say "Tekken" on the list above plus I don't trust imbd. Barbie doll, Han Chae-young’s (26) upcoming nuptials have resulted in lavish gifts that are worthy of making every non-discriminating Kangnam girl fling themselves at any kyopo man’s feet.She was presented with 10 bouquets of flowers of which the last bouquet contained an envelope with a single key.

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