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Joseph Cox was the first settler in what is now Chillicothe township, on section 12-58-24, in 1833. Consequently the first settlers, who lived in the northern portion, entered their lands two or three years after later comers, who selected claims in the southern portion. Hickman, residents of Boone county, entered 160 acres of land on the north side of Grand river (sw. 21-57-23), about four miles southeast of Chillicothe. Hazelton, of New York, who generously gave, in the settlement of a compromise, a considerable sum for the establishment of a library, which now comprises several hundred volumes. One of the most efficient friends of the school and the library has been the Hon. This building cost about ,000; in March, 1876, it was burned. They seem to be natural born mechanics, if the expression may be allowed, and Chillicothe should feel proud to have such men as her citizens.As noted elsewhere, it was at his house where the first courts were held in the county. Herewith is given a record of the first entries in the township, made prior to the year 1840, by persons who were actual residents of the county and in most instances actual residents on the tracts which they entered: - On the 12th of August, 1836, three speculators, David S. On the 24th of November following they laid out a town on about 25 acres of this tract, which they called Jamestown, but which was afterward well known as "Jimtown." This was before the organization of Livingston, and the plat is on file in the recorder's office of Carroll county. Immediately afterward the erection of another building, larger, handsomer, more imposing, and much more convenient, was begun, and finished in less than a year, at a cost of ,000. Their work has reached over a large tract of territory mid many institutions might be mentioned which have had a chance to test goods of their manufacture.In the fall of 1861 a number of Confederate partisans from Jackson township, led by Lewis Best, John Blackburn and Jim Rider, gathered near Graham's mill for the purpose of attacking and capturing Chillicothe, then held by a small Federal detachment, which was posted in a house surrounded by a breastwork in the southern part of town. The City Hall is a large and substantial two-story brick building that cost the city ,000. Franklin, editor of the Christian Age and Review, of Cincinnati. Louis and nine months later came to Chillicothe, reaching here October 4, 1880. Henry Gier did not become a resident of the United States until 1879.

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I then went on to the place designated." Of the subsequent details of the incident Capt. On the 7th of August, 1837, the county court, then in session at Joseph Cox's, took the first steps toward laying out and establishing the town of Chillicothe. Joseph into a sale of that road to the "Q." interest. He was born in County Kilkenny, May 9, 1832, of the union of Patrick and Margaret Gorman, the other children besides himself being Martin, who died in his native country when 23 years old; Patrick, a railroad man in Kansas, who married Miss Mary Howty; she died in Delaware, and Timothy, born in 1845 and died in 1848.Shanklin to parade all the mounted men of his company he could find and report at his headquarters, the Ballew House. Louis, enjoys the advantages of low freights, and consequently it is the principal shipping point for grain and stock in the Grand River Valley. It has been an object with us in our present work to avoid anything tending to advertise the business of those whose biographies appear in it; but it is only fair to state in this connection that, orders placed with the Messrs.The other companies were absent on scouting expeditions. Spickard, "and he said he had been informed that there was a party of bushwhackers up the Trenton road two or three miles, and be ordered me to go in pursuit at once. Commercial travelers say more and better goods are sold here than at many places in Illinois, Iowa and Kansas of greater population and pretensions, and that the merchants here are remarkably prompt and honorable in their dealings." In 1881 - 82 there was considerable excitement in the town and throughout the county over the proposed extension of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad (called the Burlington mid Southwestern), from Browning through the county via Chillicothe. Henry Hatch, a former citizen of the town, was at the head of the scheme and made many speeches and did much other work to induce the citizens to subscribe a certain amount in aid of the contemplated enterprise. Among the visiting ministers who have preached to this congregation may be mentioned the distinguished divine, Alexander Campbell, who was here in 1859; Rev. Gier are sure to receive proper attention and at prices which will meet the satisfaction of all.The blacksmiths and iron workers of Chillicothe use this coal, and prefer it for their purposes to any other they can procure. There is but little room for doubting that it will be found in paying quantities at a reasonable depth from the surface. Elisha Hereford settled on Grand river, South of Chillicothe, near the site of Hereford's ferry in 1834; the previous year he had located on Medicine creek, eight miles east of Chillicothe. Boyd's Atlas sketch says was the first in the county, but this is a mistake; Saml. Todd's was the first horse mill, antedating Wilkerson's by a year or two. This was not effected without opposition, however, which all public enterprises must expect to meet. But in truth nearly every man in the city is their friend. This was sold and in 1867 the present house, on lots 5 and 8, block 37, was built by the Vine Street organization, costing perhaps ,000. Five children have blessed their happy married life: Laura, Eddie, Burt and Forrest and Ross, twins.It is quite probable that the Caldwell county formation will be struck at no great depth, or the Linn county beds reached lower down. The land in the northern part of Chillicothe township was not opened to entry until 1839; that in the lower part, in ranges 28 and 24, township 57, was put in market in 1835. The bonds issued to build the school finally came into the hands of one Mr. In 1869 a two-story brick building was erected to be used and occupied as a city hall, and to contain the city offices. The pastors of this church, so far as can now be learned, have been Revs. The manufacturing interests of this portion of the county are ably represented among others by Engelbert and Henry Gier, who have been located at Chillicothe for something like six years.

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