Is ryan gosling still dating eva mendes 2016

And my pregnancy was the first opportunity to give her that."It's such an intimate time for the mother, too.

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However, the couple randomly appeared in the public space and made the headlines in every Page 3 paper.As though once they decided to get really serious, they decided that the public had had enough photo opportunities.And while they haven't taken every pain to be left alone—they do still live in the Hollywood area, after all—Eva and Ryan have succeeded at being so low-key as a unit that they've managed to welcome two new human beings into this world in as quiet a fashion as possible despite Gosling's movie stardom and Eva remaining in demand for all things beauty and fashion.!"It's like, 'Ugh, this is going to be there forever now.'" she stays model-ready all the time to exhibit her various wares.But while Mendes has publicly acknowledged Gosling on purpose fewer times than he has mentioned her (we presume she knows his name is "Ryan") and traditionally sticks to business when she's doing appearances for her clothing and makeup lines, she can't help but talk about her kids more these days.

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