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It also claimed that the "vast majority of these jobs are detected and blocked before being made available publicly." Cunningham advised job shoppers to beware.

"The internet's great, but it makes crime so easy," he said.

“They love clothes,” said Dennis Cunningham, a mail fraud inspector with the U. At Your Service LLC Worldwide Shipping hired Mangum after seeing his résumé on

The boxes typically contain electronics or phones, anything fraudsters can use or sell on the black market. This is not at all what Vater expected when he applied for the job on Career

Cunningham urged anyone who has received property this way to report it to the U. "Kinda set us up to do the time for the crime," Mangum said.

"And all we did was thought we were legitimately taking employment to feed our families." Vater complained to Career, which is where he saw the GNS Logistics job posted and applied. The Star reached out to three media representatives at the company but received no replies.

Our goal is to give you the most up-to-date, accurate information about your state DMV's processes.

The job paid ,500 a month for reshipping 20 to 40 boxes. Turns out, that part is true; most have been burned by overseas buyers using stolen credit cards. Vater said he accidentally opened the last box he'd been shipped.

It was part of the new job he'd spotted, receiving the boxes at his Overland Park home and sending them along to another address.

"I was counting on that being my job." Instead, he had to take out a title loan on his car. And how could the company afford to pay him to slap on a mailing label and drive to the post office? She offered three examples: Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch: U. Instead it was a small flashlight — a 9 V1 Vampire flashlight that emits normal and infrared beams, according to the website of the company that shipped the box.

While not all salvage vehicles are nightmares, per se, buyers want to know what they're taking on when buying one.

However, by title washing, the seller can hide the fact that the vehicle has been through any sort of damage.

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