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After asking if we would see Selling Houses Extreme again Charlie said he hoped off as “it nearly killed him”.

Linda Evangelista was a big name there as the launch was in sync with her filming of her guest judge role on Australia’s Next Top Model this will be on Fox 8 next year.

Rose-Anne explains why she enjoyed Tarzan this season when in the past she was annoyed by Phillip Sheppard and Coach.

Rose-Anne also describes her experience with being a loved one on Survivor: The Amazon.

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Later in the show, Rob is joined by Rose-Anne Cesternino in honor of Mother’s Day.Foxtel had their big launch in Sydney last night and it was big.It kicked off with a very amusing Wentworth sneak peek parody, which really should be put up on You Tube but unfortunately it won’t be.Julie, like Rob, thinks that Kim’s game has been phenomenal and would be very surprised if somehow she didn’t win the game on Sunday night.Julie and Rob run through a number of scenarios but can’t come up with a way that the women will somehow get rid of Kim before the final three.

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