Is dating a bipolar dangerous

However, it is also worth remembering that it is not uncommon for teenagers to drastically alter their appearance or to want to look deliberately disheveled!

Tremors can affect the hands, arms, head or eyelids and often occur when you move.

Drug abusers may try to hide their weight loss by wearing loose clothing. Weight loss can occur for many reasons, including loss of appetite, increased exercise, stress, and drugs use.

Drugs users may wear sunglasses at odd times to conceal bloodshot eyes, or wear long-sleeved garments in an attempt to hide possible track marks. Fixation on a drug habit can lead to complacency in other areas of life and appearance is often one of them: people who previously took a lot of pride in their exterior appearance and in the clothes they wore can lose all interest.

People who abuse meth or crack will also frequently have sores on their face and body, or burn marks on the face and hands. Bruising, red marks, and sores can be left by a needle when a drug like heroin is injected.

Track marks are the darkening of veins due to scarring and toxin build-up from injecting drugs like heroin or meth (IV drug use).

Opiates vary greatly from dark coloured chunks to white crystals or powder. Opiates are injected, smoked or ingested depending on their form.

Use of opiates can lead to a range of symptoms including: Red eye is the swelling or dilation of blood vessels on the outer surface of the eye. Sufferers may experience blurred vision or discharge. If only one eye is affected it is unlikely to be due to drug use.

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