Is 12 the right age to start dating cluster aware updating

One of Those activities that children are experiencing at an earlier age is dating.

There are number of views on that ideal age for a teen to start dating, but no one has come to agree on an exact age to do it.

Most of the parents don't know when their children have the right age to start dating.

I t appears that kids are rushing to experience everything in society much earlier these days.

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Even though there is some agreement as to what is too early, there is no universal right age.I n the past many kids didn't start dating until high school.Now it has become more common that kids start dealing with these problems as early at fifth grade.- Guilty by Newsboys i Would agree with Inspired thinker but also be quick to add that it has more to do with maturity than anything else, quite frankly i have a few 20 something friends who act like they are 15 and i also have some 15-16 year old friends who are in terms of maturity going on 25 I would say when your around 15 or so, it doesn't mean its serious or anything but its a good start so you know how to deal with girls/guys in the future.Really I don't think its anyone's business about what age you start dating.

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