Invalidating insurance

When you take out car insurance, your insurer will highlight your policy’s key facts and exclusions and you should check your policy document when you receive it.To help you stay covered we’ve also put together a list of the most common ways drivers invalidate their car insurance.This usually includes rats and mice and these can cause damage to furniture or even gnaw through wires, causing a fire to start.So it’s best to take action early and make sure your home isn’t damaged by pests.So if you’re thinking about hosting a party, make sure you’re confident you’re not inviting anyone who’s going to trash the house.

Most buildings insurance policies won’t cover you for accidental damage as standard.So if you drill through a water pipe while doing some DIY, you could find yourself out of pocket as your insurer may not pay out to repair it.Some insurers will offer an optional extra on their home insurance policies to cover you for accidental damage.New research has revealed that a shocking 15 million drivers in the UK could be at risk of invalidating their car insurance premium.Common policy errors are causing millions of drivers to invalidate their insurance premium.

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