Intimidating witnesses uk

If you witness a crime you have a vital role to play.

We understand you may be feeling upset and may have serious doubts about reporting what you've seen but we urge you to contact us.

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If a witness citation is issued, such people can be brought to court and the sanction of contempt of court is then available to try to ensure that they speak up.I would accordingly allow this appeal and remit the case to the Court of Appeal inviting that court to quash the conviction and decide, if application is made, whether to order a retrial. The intimidation of witnesses is an age-old and worldwide problem.When Cicero was intent on prosecuting Verres for his reign of terror in Sicily, highly-placed henchmen of Verres threatened “the fearful and oppressed Sicilian witnesses” with dire consequences if they gave evidence against him.The ‘Witness Charter’ explains how you can expect to be treated if you're asked to give evidence in a criminal court. When you have given evidence in a trial, you may be interested in finding out what happens.

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