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Burke, the daughter of Cajun thriller maestro James Lee, is a terrific web spinner. Terrific writing, a great ending and a cast of characters to carry the whole thing off.” —Material Witness “I do have to give major props to the author for a well-crafted mystery.

She knows when and how to drop clues to keep readers at her mercy. I really liked the construction of this one and how the whole plot worked out. Four stars from me.” —Speed Reading Book Nerd Reviews “Burke sets the best features of the standard detective murder mystery within the relatively new world of the Internet and that helps make her fourth novel a first rate mystery.” —Contemporarylit.“This book is an exciting thrill ride from the very first page right up to the last.

He’s also an avid publicity hound, and Hatcher’s background — her policeman father died in mysterious circumstances after pursuing a notorious serial killer — makes her perfect for his purposes.Ellie and Flann must dig deep into the past lives of four dead women, and in doing so, they attract the attention of the FBI.But the federal agency seems curiously bent on blocking their murder probe, especially Agent Charlie Dixon and his supervisor.Absolutely riveting.” —Lisa Gardner, author of “Don’t let the dopey title turn you off of this otherwise satisfying mystery.A serial killer, whom Burke shrewdly keeps cloaked in the shadows until the near end, is picking off women he stalks on a popular Internet dating site.

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